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CMCO Supply Partners

To Our Valued Supply Partners:

Whether you are currently a supplier to Magnetek, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Columbus McKinnon Corporation, or are seeking to establish a relationship with us – welcome. I look forward to the opportunity to work with you to establish or strengthen our relationship for the benefit of our customers.

Magnetek has earned its leadership position by being responsive, innovative and resourceful in meeting our customers’ expectations. We have successfully established long-standing business relationships that are the foundation of our success. In everything Magnetek does, we strive to design and produce products that are cost effective without compromising quality or reliability. While our website shares our story, the cornerstones of our vision truly define us:

Cornerstone Vision

Through these core areas of focus, Magnetek has become the unquestioned market leader in material handling and elevator drive solutions, and is rapidly gaining traction in the mining and alternative energy markets. We have a fundamental understanding of our customers’ needs, and we apply our knowledge of digital power and motion control to enhance their success.

In serving our markets and customers, Magnetek relies extensively on our supply partners. We recognize our suppliers as vital contributors to our success, and strive to build long-term, mutually beneficial relationships to enhance our global market position. We do so by fostering open communications and clearly defining expectations – expectations that Magnetek has of our suppliers, but also that our customers have of Magnetek.

Our Supply Partner Website is designed for just that, providing you with the expectations and tools to supply materials and services to Magnetek. With exceeding our customers’ expectations as our goal: quality, innovation, price, performance, service and social responsibility drive the supplier relationships we establish.

If you are seeking to become a supplier to Magnetek, the first step is registration (see link to right). As Magnetek searches for new suppliers, the registration database will be a primary point of reference for our Commodity Manager Specialists.

Again, welcome and I look forward to the opportunities that lie before us.

Best Regards,

Jim Schulz
Manager, Sourcing & Materials


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